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Wattleseed & Raspberry Jam

An intense flavour combination that will delight your taste buds with every bite. Old fashioned jam flavours that would be sure to make the CWA ladies proud.


Golden Marmalade
A perfectly balanced, wonderful cominbation of bitter & sweet. Best served slathered onto your toast, scones or biscuits.


Spicy Ketchup

Adds a layer of spice & sophistication to even the most basic of meals. Guaranteed to take your next bacon burger or toasted sanger up a whole nother notch.


Bloody Mary Ketchup

Bursting with all of the much loved flavours of tomatoes, pepper & spice that the classic cocktail is renowned for. A definite crowd pleaser when served as a dip with tortilla chips & washed down with a cool, refreshing lager.


Caramelised Onion Jam

Sweet and succulent in both texture and flavour. A divine accompaniment to any cheese platter, savoury quiche or gourmet steak burger.


Red Hot Chilli Jam

Mind blowing at first, with a sweet & soothing after taste. Use in a variety of ways, serve as a dip on a cheese platter, jazz up a toasted sanger or dress any basic meal for a burst of delicious chilli flavour.


Bourbon BBQ Sauce

This full-bodied BBQ sauce is exploding with a rich bourbon flavour. Glaze over ribs, serve with snags or your next big fat, juicy steak.


Blackberry & Raspberry Jam

Rich in both colour & flavour, this classic favourite is set to impress any jam lover. Tastes magnificent on freshly baked scones and lathered with whipped cream.


Cherry & Cranberry Jam

The perfect combination of tart cranberries and sweet cherries in one beautifully well balanced jar of tastiness. Best enjoyed with your next roast dish of choice this festive season.


Aussie Bush Dukkah

A brilliant celebration of the unique flavours of the Australian Outback. Dunk your fresh sourdough into a ramekin of Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar then coat with AB Dukkah & your tastebuds will be in food heaven in no time.

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